About Us

Icon Automotive Products – Who Are We

A New Zealand owned & operated company who have been manufacturing automotive battery terminals, battery cables & jumper leads for over 35 years in our factory located in Avondale Auckland. Starting with brass billets we hot forge & accurately machine a range of terminals that are the choice of the professional users throughout New Zealand & Australia.

Due to the care in our total manufacturing process our terminals have an unrivalled reputation for performance, longevity and are recognised as being in world class.

The Icon range of battery cables incorporates our terminals with cable manufactured by General Cables of Christchurch. The quality of termination is crucial and we simply provide the very best in this regard. Employing the design & manufacturing expertise we have with these products we have developed a range of jumper lead sets. Today we offer a complete range providing coverage from the small mini car on through to the very largest of vehicles, earth moving equipment etc. In all cases the quality of components & manufacture is the first consideration as although price is important it is secondary to performance & longevity. All Icon products are fully guaranteed.